Yesterday’s TomorrowWorld


The much anticipated but highly doubted EDM event known as Tomorrowland in its native European landscape has made its way to the United States under the renovated name, TomorrowWorld. The 21-plus festival took place this past weekend in Chattahoochee, Georgia with an estimated 140,00 attendees, and it delivered well to its audience. What seemed to be a doomed attempt at reviving this Belgian tradition in fact occurred without incident and is being applauded despite its “non-destination location, age restrictions, and hawkish press” looking to magnify each and every one of its faults.

TomorrowWorld was the first international attempt at expanding the success of the Tomorrowland festival. Tomorrowland co-owner Michiel Beers explained his team’s goal for the September event.”We will create a fairytale world from the smallest detail to the biggest stage.” He also stated that organizers chose the Georgia venue, ironically owned by a Belgian, because it “felt at home.” The committee was definitely pre-occupied with making the event a once-in-a-lifetime showdown of music and dancing. On top of the EDM hits that are breaking and entering the music industry being performed live, festival-goers also had the opportunity to camp out overnight in tents in a place forever to be remembered as “Dreamville,” the first ground-breaking fantasy to reality portrayal of an alternate world since The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was introduced.

TomorrowWorld is profound in its success in truly submersing the individual in the phenomena which are music and lyrics. It signifies a shift in the industry towards a more technological, less emotional way of artistic expression which not many have yet learned to appreciate. EDM does have its place among namely, the younger generation, and its affluence in pop culture has certainly increased. Any previous accusations of intolerable amounts of drug use at these venues were shut down my TomorrowWorld’s seemingly pure reformation. EDM continues to captivate audiences in the same way that the music encompasses the soul and heart of each and every listener whilst they fall victim to the genre’s loud, astounding means of penetrating the music within the material body.


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